Thursday, October 27, 2005

Who Silenced Ibrahim Al-Amin of As-Safir? Hariri Inc Silenced Ibrahim Al-Amin. I just wish to confirm that Hariri Inc is indeed behind the pressures on As-Safir to ban Ibrahim Al-Amin from writing. Another (silent) victim of the Hummus Revolution. Will the US ambassador in Lebanon (who has visited May Shidyaq in the hospital 10 times already) show solidarity with Al-Amin? Will Kofi Annan issue a statement of condemnation? Will the various factions of the Hummus Revolution speak about the threats (posed by the money of Hariri Inc) to press freedoms in the "new" Lebanon? It is amazing, frustrating really, that I can't write about this matter in any Lebanese newspaper.
I call upon the readers to express their outrage and displeasure by contacting As-Safir:
Phone: +(961) 1 350001
PS: Be polite. I have friends there.